"A store designed to foster creativity and inspire new ideas through carefully curated, innovative retail experiences."

"We aim to cultivate a community that embraces open-mindedness, cultural awareness, confidence, humor, independence, and creativity, all while staying current with the times."

"XC273 is both a code and a symbol; we refrain from using words to label this space."

"Our goal is to create an ideal space that aligns with the present and envisions an inclusive future. This will be achieved through extensive international sourcing, complemented by the development of themed devices and relevant content."

"The building that now houses XC273 was once the site of the Cui Zhong towel factory, founded in 1937. It was renowned for producing some of the finest towels in China."c

"Based on the building's unique characteristics, we've preserved historical elements to enhance the overall ambiance. Additionally, we've incorporated dynamic floor designs to create an interwoven sense throughout the space. Three sets of stairs cater to distinct movement patterns, ensuring diverse experiences to meet varying content and experiential needs."

"The first floor's central area spans an impressive 15 meters and is the only indoor retail space featuring a pool, providing limitless possibilities for event and exhibition installations."

"The first and second floors are designated as multi-brand comprehensive display areas. The first floor highlights individual creativity and personality, while the second floor leans toward a more feminine and chic style." "The independent space on the third floor is conveniently accessible from the elevator and stairs on the first floor. It is designed to host brand media conferences, art exhibitions, salon lectures, and various other activities.

Store Opening Hours:
No. 12, Lane 273, Jiaozhou Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai, China
Customer Service: +86 02152838909
(Mon-Fri from 11:00-18:00 CST)
For media and press inquiries, please send an email to info@xcommons.com