Li Youzheng is a designer from Canada. He graduated from Central Saint Martins Women's Wear with a master's degree. In 2006, he won the best Asia designer of the year award at the Chinese Fashion Festival. His 2018 Shanghai Fashion Week Spring/Summer collection was selected by the creative agency yehyehyeh for a static exhibition at the "Beauty to Goodness" fashion public forum; the brand's 2019 autumn/winter collection was reported by Vogue Italia and was selected by the Circular Fashion Summit to be one of the products of Mind Center which focus on environmental protection. PCYPCL is a new brand designed by Li Youzheng and was exhibited for the first time at Shanghai Spring/Summer Fashion Week in 2018. This is a menswear brand that focuses on establishing genderless definitions and uses structuralism to achieve a new definition of social ethics . PCYPCL joined notSHOWROOM in 2019.