COUGH IN VAIN, designed by Liu Shuyu, is a multifaceted accessories and creative studio founded in 2016. With a touch of minimal and engaging touch, the label applies refined metal ware and innovative materials to its accessories, blending youth culture with everyday wardrobe. On top of the design approach of its product, COUGH IN VAIN attempts to bridge the communication between culture and mind, to collaborate with those creatives and artists who share the same value with the brand. COUGH IN VAIN has successfully launched a range of offline exhibitions and performance, including the collaboration with artist Wang Xinyi for ‘OBSIDIAN’ exhibition and ‘REBORN’, a conceptual event that merges jewelry, dance and installation. Apart from the coverage from Wallpaper and NOWNESS, the label has also created great social buzz. In 2019, the label has launched online magazine - COUGH PROJECT, devoting to individuals, social issues, innovation and cultural communication through the partnership with creators and artists. COUGH IN VAIN joined notSHOWROOM in 2018.