AtelierSó Jewelry
Graduated from the Architecture Department of Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2016, Summer Zhao has lived her life in London for six years to embrace unique perspective on art. With majoring in architecture, she merges her aesthetics into space and construction, and thus she established her own label ATELIERSÓ, with a natural aesthetics at the forefront. ATELIERSÓ's jewelry pieces are made by tin alloy as the core material and by hand-polishing. This low-melting-point metal maintains being liquid for only about 30 seconds when it is melted at 250 degrees and leaves pores when solidified. ATELIERSÓ's creation was completed within these 30 seconds. By connecting liquid tin alloy with sand, wood, water and other substances with temperature differences, its tactility, volume, thickness, and dimensions will change and create infinite shapes and forms.