YEARLY PLAN由两位创始人Yanglin & Pujin的姓氏缩写诞生。他们始终保持对生活与服装的纯粹的热爱,呈现对穿着者具有陪伴意义的简约时装。希望每一位拥抱生活与自我风格的人,都能在YEARLY PLAN找到属于自己的全年衣橱计划。以时间刻度为名,从点滴日常中凝聚风格的当代性,为女性传递积极能量。YEARLY PLAN was named from the initials of the two founders, Yanglin and Pujin. They have always presented basic designs that are relevant to the wearer, demonstrating a sincere appreciation for life and clothes. We expect that everyone who enjoys life, and their distinct style will find their year-round wardrobe plan at YEARLY PLAN.