中国时装设计师品牌LAMRONS于2020年成立,品牌名源于英文词汇“NORMAL”的倒序拼写,意为“一切源于庸常的不寻常”。LAMRONS着重于对习以为常之事物的反思,为穿着创造多变与灵动,以满足现代都市生活需求。LAMRONS刻画的是包容、多面、精致且独立的无性别青年群像。LAMRONS, a Chinese designer brand was established in 2020. The brand name comes from the English word “NORMAL” in reverse order, meaning everything unusual from the mundanity.LAMRONS puts emphasis on reflections of the things we take for granted to design flexible garments as essentials of a modern urban life. We tend to re-interpret the aesthetics at the end of the twentieth century by veiled signs, simple design, delicate tailoring with memorable details.LAMRONS features a group of youth with no gender boundaries, who are receptive, diverse, exquisite and independent. They are urban hermits concealing in the crowd and always discover sparkling moments from the daily trivial.